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Family of Paul DUNHAM and Alice A. GREGORY

Husband: Paul DUNHAM (1862-bef1953)
Wife: Alice A. GREGORY (1863-bef1957)
Children: Ellen C. DUNHAM (aft1882-bef1991)
Marriage 27 Nov 1882 Lansing, MI

Husband: Paul DUNHAM

Name: Paul DUNHAM
Sex: Male
Father: William Lee Britton DUNHAM (1829-1900)
Mother: Margaret Rebecca PATRIDGE (aft1817-bef1930)
Birth 9 Jul 1862
Death btw 1888 and 1953 (age 25-91)

Wife: Alice A. GREGORY

Name: Alice A. GREGORY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 28 Aug 1863
Death btw 1888 and 1957 (age 24-94)

Child 1: Ellen C. DUNHAM

Name: Ellen C. DUNHAM
Sex: Female
Birth btw 1882 and 1909
Death btw 1887 and 1991 (age -23-109 (!))


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