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Family of Reuben CLARK and Lula DUNHAM

Husband: Reuben CLARK (aft1864-bef1976)
Wife: Lula DUNHAM (1888-bef1982)
Children: Living CLARK ( - )
Living CLARK ( - )
Marriage btw 1901 and 1934

Husband: Reuben CLARK

Name: Reuben CLARK
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth btw 1864 and 1890
Death btw 1915 and 1976 (age 24-112)

Wife: Lula DUNHAM

Name: Lula DUNHAM
Sex: Female
Father: Almon DUNHAM (1852-1937)
Mother: Catharine GUNDERMAN (aft1837-bef1951)
Birth 1888
Death btw 1916 and 1982 (age 27-94)

Child 1: Living CLARK

Name: Living CLARK
Sex: Male
Spouse: Living KADEN ( - )

Child 2: Living CLARK

Name: Living CLARK
Sex: Female

Note on Wife: Lula DUNHAM - shared note

She was able to read and write, but did not work or have a profession


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