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John DUNHAM's other family: with Hiley Ann UNKNOWN ( - )
Sarah DENNIS's sister: Rachel DENNIS (aft1706- )

Family of John DUNHAM and Sarah DENNIS

Husband: John DUNHAM (1708-1810)
Wife: Sarah DENNIS (aft1706- )
Children: William DONHAM ( - )
Dennis DUNHAM (1751-1821?)
Marriage 24 Jun 1744 Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA 1

Husband: John DUNHAM

Name: John DUNHAM 2,3
Sex: Male
Father: Nathaniel DONHAM alias Singletary (1679-1727)
Mother: Joannah THORNELL (1684-1730)
Birth 1708 Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA 2,3
Death (1) 25 Apr 1810 (age 101-102) Pennsylvania, USA 2,3
Death (2) 1810 (age 101-102) Pennsylvania

Wife: Sarah DENNIS

Name: Sarah DENNIS 4
Sex: Female
Father: Jonathan DENNIS (1685-1715)
Mother: Sarah CLOWES ( - )
Birth btw 1706 and Feb 1717 4

Child 1: William DONHAM

Name: William DONHAM 5
Sex: Male

Child 2: Dennis DUNHAM

      Dennis DUNHAM, "RevWarMilitiaMD"    
Name: Dennis DUNHAM 6,7
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Patriot
Spouse: Dorothy PHILLIPS (1747-bef1840)
Birth 15 Jan 1751 Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey
Military 1775 (age 23-24) Served in the Revolutionary War under Capt. Greenberry Dorsey; Maryland 8
land transfer 10 Nov 1803 (age 52) Warren , Kentucky 9
Census 1810 (age 58-59) Warren County, Kentucky
Note the spelling of the name Donham was changed to Dunham by some family members, the brother that went north spelled Dunham and the brother in the south spelled it Donham.
Death 1821 (app) (age 69-70) Allen County, Kentucky

Note on Marriage

This is not proven but likely as there is no other record of a John Dunham or Sarah Dennis of similar age and location for which there is no accounting.


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