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Sarah CLOWES's other family: with Richard SMITH ( -1740)
Sarah CLOWES's father: William CLOWES ( -1717)
Sarah CLOWES's sister: Mary CLOWES ( - )

Family of Jonathan DENNIS and Sarah CLOWES

Husband: Jonathan DENNIS (1685-1715)
Wife: Sarah CLOWES ( - )
Children: Rachel DENNIS (aft1706- )
Sarah DENNIS (aft1706- )

Husband: Jonathan DENNIS

Name: Jonathan DENNIS 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Jonathan DENNIS (1652-1720)
Mother: Rachel MOORE (1660?-aft1720)
Birth 29 Jan 1685 Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA 3
Occupation Yeoman
Death 1715 (age 29-30) Cohansey, Salem, New Jersey, USA

Wife: Sarah CLOWES

Name: Sarah CLOWES 4
Sex: Female
Father: William CLOWES ( -1717)
Mother: -

Child 1: Rachel DENNIS

Name: Rachel DENNIS 4,5
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles DAVIS ( - )
Birth btw 1706 and Feb 1717 4

Child 2: Sarah DENNIS

Name: Sarah DENNIS 4
Sex: Female
Spouse: John DUNHAM (1708-1810)
Birth btw 1706 and Feb 1717 4


1Patty Barthell Myers, "Ancestors and Descendants of Lewis Ross Freeman" (Name: 1995;). pp. 668-669.
Text From Source: 31. JONATHAN DENNIS (Rachel2 Moore, Samuel1). b. Woodbridge 29 Jan 1685/6 (VR); d. 1715; m. Sarah Clowes, who m/2 Richard Smith, who d. 1740. Sarah was d/o William Clowes of Alloways Creek, whose will made 6 Feb 1716/17, proved 13 Mar 1716/17, mentions daughter Sarah Dinnis, and grandchildren Rachel and Sarah Dinnis. Executor was daughter Mary with assistance of John Paine. Richard Smith was one of the witnesses. (N.J. Arch., 23:98.) Richard Smith was sole executor and principal heir of John Paine of Alloways Creek, Salem Co., whose will dated 20 Sept 1726, proved 18 Apr 1727, names Richard's daughters-in-law [step-daughters] Sarah and Rachel Dennis, both under 20. (N.J. Arch., 23:350.)

1715 July 27. Denis, Dennis, Jonathan, junior, of Cohansie, Salem Co., weaver; will of. Wife Sarah, sole heiress and executrix of real and personal estate, with legacies to daughters Rachel and Sarah. Witnesses - Noah Wheaten, Peter Fitchrandolph, Jane Fitzrandolph, John Roberts, and Rebeckah Denis. Proved 16 Aug 1715. Inventory of the personal estate, 235.19.4-1/4, incl. a negro woman 22.10, and "Dangerously dew to the Estate by accounts" 36.10; made 18 Aug 1715. (N.J. Arch., 23:133.)

1740, Feb --. Smith, Richard, Esq., of Elsinborough, Salem Co.; will of. Sons -- John, the plantation (600 acres) called Amblebery that I live on, excepting what I shall hereafter dispose of; also 12 acres in Salem, Richard (not 21), the plantation (220 acres) that was formerly John Pain's, of Alloways Creek; also 150 acres of the plantation Ambleberry; and Merriman (not 21), the plantatIon (400 acres) that George Trenchard (lived of ?), deceased, situate in Alloways Creek. Daughters -- Mary, lot in Salem adjoining the house lot of Edward Test at Margate's lane (so-called); Grace, 4 acres in Salem, on the road to Alloways Creek Bridge, that Daniel Smith lives on. My daughters [step-daughters], Rachel and Sarah Dennis, shall share with the above named heirs in all the lands and profits due me from my right in Patomack, in the province of Virginia. Sons and above unmarried daughters shall share equally in the lands at Cohansey or elsewhere, depending between myself, John Wright and Clement Hall; also said daughters, Mary and Grace Smith, at 18 or marriage, to have 200. Negroes allotted. Executors -- sons, John and Richard, dau., Mary. Witnesses -- Andrew Gardiner, Jos. Clowes, Edmund Winder. Proved 11 Mar 1740. (N.J. Arch., 30:442.)

1740, March 11. Letters granted to John and Mary Smith (Quakers), Richard Smith being 13 years old (ibid.).

1740, 1 mo. (Mar.), 20 da. Inventory (1073. includes negroes. Sharper, 20; Franck, 40; Phillis, 30; Dick, 17; Dinah, 10; cattle and sheep, 104.16.
Appraisers -- Samuel Abbott, Thomas HIll (ibid.).
108 i Rachel Dennis, under 20 in 1726.
109 ii Sarah Dennis, under 20 in 1726.,35923.
2Reverand Joseph Dally, "Woodbridge and Vicinity" (Name: A.E. Gordon; New Brunswick, N.J.; 1873;). p. 326.
Text From Source: Jonathan Dennes Son to Jonathan Dennes and Rachel his wife Born ye 29th of January 1685.
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5H. Stanley Craig, "Genealogical Data : the Same tenth in West New Jersey" ( pp. 22-23.


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