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Family of Wayne MCCLAREN and Epsie DRAKE

Husband: Wayne MCCLAREN (1851?- )
Wife: Epsie DRAKE (1854- )
Children: Vern MCCLAREN (1881?- )
Gay MCCLAREN (1883?- )
Bess MCCLAREN (1885?- )

Husband: Wayne MCCLAREN

Name: Wayne MCCLAREN 1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth (1) 1851 (app) Perry, Ohio, USA
Birth (2) 1851 (app)

Wife: Epsie DRAKE

Name: Epsie DRAKE 2
Sex: Female
Father: Reuben Golden DRAKE (1824-1888)
Mother: Matilda Ann SANDERS (1827-1888)
Birth 4 Nov 1854 Perry, Ohio 3,4

Child 1: Vern MCCLAREN

Name: Vern MCCLAREN 5
Sex: Male
Birth 1881 (app) Perry, Ohio, USA
Death Menominee, Michigan 3,5

Child 2: Gay MCCLAREN

Name: Gay MCCLAREN 5
Sex: Female
Birth 1883 (app) Perry, Ohio, USA 5

Child 3: Bess MCCLAREN

Sex: Female
Birth 1885 (app) Perry, Ohio, USA 5

Note on Husband: Wayne MCCLAREN - shared note

According to papers sent to me by Vera Knowlton, Wayne was a school superintendant in North Dakota, and later became an osteopath.

Note on Wife: Epsie DRAKE - shared note

In the May 1888 issue of the Kickapoo newspaper, "The Censor", Reuben Drake is said to have a "grown daughter", Mrs. McClaren, living in Dakota.

Other named children were: Jesse, Benjamin, a daughter in Iowa, and Mrs. Dupee,( Clarenda) the mother of the slain grandchildren.


According to papers sent to me by Vera Knowlton, Epsie and Wayne lived in North Dakota. They had 3 children, Gay, Dess, and Vern.


Later, Epsie, and daughters Gay and Bess lived in New York City. Epsie wrote articles for newspaper, Mothers Magazine, and wrote plays.


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