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Aldon B. DRAKE ( - )

Name: Aldon B. DRAKE 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Reuben Golden DRAKE (1824-1888)
Mother: Matilda Ann SANDERS (1827-1888)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth "04 SEP"
Death "18 MAY"

Individual Note (shared)

According to papers sent to me by Vera Knowlton, Aldon was born in 1878. This is unlikely, as his mother, Matilda would have been 51 years old.


A very faint entry in Reuben's Bible looks like it says "Aldon born Sept 4, (year not legible--looks like 1848 or 1878) Died May 18th (year not legible).


If 1878 is the correct birth date, is Aldon adopted?


1"Vera Knowlton".
2"Reuben Golden Drake's Bible pages". Text From Source: (very faint mostly illegible) Appears to say Aldon Born Sept 4 1848 or 1878 died May 18th (possibly March 18th) year not legible at all.


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