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Family of Walter B. DEGUERRE and Sara EVERY

Husband: Walter B. DEGUERRE (1846- )
Wife: Sara EVERY ( - )

Husband: Walter B. DEGUERRE

Name: Walter B. DEGUERRE
Sex: Male
Father: Peter DEGUERRE (1824-1906)
Mother: Clara BELFRY (1824-1907)
Birth 18 Aug 1846

Wife: Sara EVERY

Name: Sara EVERY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Note on Husband: Walter B. DEGUERRE - shared note

In his study of the Belfry family, of his son, Peter DeGuerre, recorded that Walter:-

"is a first-class cheese-maker, having learned first at his father's home of an American lady cheese maker, and second at Verona, N.Y, of Gardner B. Weeks, Esq., who was Secretary of the American Dairyman's Association. Afterwards made cheese at Wallacetown, Ont., Turuo, Nova Scotia, Milverton, Ont., Drayton, Ont., near Oshawa, Ont., and Brooksdale, Ont. The Inspector at the last place reported his cheese at the highest grade and the factory a model for others. He is at present farming near Queensville."


Information from Greg Stott

Note on Wife: Sara EVERY - shared note

Information from Greg Stott


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