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Family of Peter DEGUERRE and Clara BELFRY

Husband: Peter DEGUERRE (1824-1906)
Wife: Clara BELFRY (1824-1907)
Children: Walter B. DEGUERRE (1846- )
Eli H. DEGUERRE (1848-1924)
Wilmott Wesley DEGUERRE (1851- )
Jennie Amelia DEGUERRE (1853-1937)
Ambrose DEGUERRE (1860-1909)
Elmore Clarence DEGUERRE (1864-1941)
Minnie Warren DEGUERRE (1965-1952)

Husband: Peter DEGUERRE

Name: Peter DEGUERRE
Sex: Male
Father: Peter DEGUERRE (1795?-1823)
Mother: Sarah DUNHAM (1793-1867)
Birth Jan 1824
Death May 1906 (age 82)

Wife: Clara BELFRY

Name: Clara BELFRY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Oct 1824
Death Mar 1907 (age 82)

Child 1: Walter B. DEGUERRE

Name: Walter B. DEGUERRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sara EVERY ( - )
Birth 18 Aug 1846

Child 2: Eli H. DEGUERRE

Sex: Male
Spouse: Hannah BOGART (1850-1904)
Birth 1848
Death 1924 (age 75-76)

Child 3: Wilmott Wesley DEGUERRE

Name: Wilmott Wesley DEGUERRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: (?) UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth 4 Oct 1851

Child 4: Jennie Amelia DEGUERRE

Name: Jennie Amelia DEGUERRE
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Nelson COWIESON ( - )
Birth 29 Aug 1853
Death 1937 (age 83-84)

Child 5: Ambrose DEGUERRE

Name: Ambrose DEGUERRE
Sex: Male
Birth 1 Feb 1860
Death 1909 (age 48-49)

Child 6: Elmore Clarence DEGUERRE

Name: Elmore Clarence DEGUERRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jenipher TERRY (1866-1895)
Birth 1864
Death 1941 (age 76-77)

Child 7: Minnie Warren DEGUERRE

Name: Minnie Warren DEGUERRE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Living MACKENZIE ( - )
Birth 2 Dec 1965
Death 9 Mar 1952 (age -14 (!))

Note on Husband: Peter DEGUERRE - shared note

In 1885 Peter published a family history of the Belfry family and recorded of himself and his wife that -

"For many years agriculture was his pursuit. Mrs. DeGuerre and her husband after a careful investigation of the Scriptures, came to have the faith of Prophets and Apostles, characterized in modern phraseologyas 'Christadelphian'. Their early home for three and a half years was on a farm a mile and a quarter east of Sharon. In the fall of 1848 this farm was sold, and they moved into the village of Queensville, where pump-making was the occupation (for a short time in company with Wm. Cane), and turning at the lathe. In September, 1849, they removed from the village to a farm three-fouths of a mile east of the village. In the fall of 1863 they removed to Toronto, and located in a house near the corner of Normal School square. Educational opportunities was an object. In 1864 they returned to the farm, having left others in charge awaiting their return. In 1871 a lumbering mill was built in North Victoria county, but the family remained on the farm. In the year 1886 they removedagain to Toronto, where they at present reside." The family returned to Queensville sometime before 1900.


Information from Greg Stott

Note on Wife: Clara BELFRY - shared note

Information from Greg Stott


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