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Family of Eli H. DEGUERRE and Hannah BOGART

Husband: Eli H. DEGUERRE (1848-1924)
Wife: Hannah BOGART (1850-1904)
Children: Guy DEGUERRE ( - )
Leslie DEGUERRE (1878- )
Roy DEGUERRE (1887-1888)
Daisy May DEGUERRE (1891-1900)

Husband: Eli H. DEGUERRE

Sex: Male
Father: Peter DEGUERRE (1824-1906)
Mother: Clara BELFRY (1824-1907)
Birth 1848
Death 1924 (age 75-76)

Wife: Hannah BOGART

Name: Hannah BOGART
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1850
Death 1904 (age 53-54)

Child 1: Guy DEGUERRE

Sex: Male

Child 2: Leslie DEGUERRE

Name: Leslie DEGUERRE
Sex: Male
Birth 1878

Child 3: Roy DEGUERRE

Sex: Male
Birth 1887
Death 1888 (age 0-1)

Child 4: Daisy May DEGUERRE

Name: Daisy May DEGUERRE
Sex: Female
Birth 1891
Death 1900 (age 8-9)

Note on Husband: Eli H. DEGUERRE - shared note

Peter DeGuerre wrote of his son Eli:-

"assisted his father in getting in logs and building a mill in North Victoria (1871), afterward was at Uxbridge and Toronto, doing business for the firm who purchased the mill property. The grocerybusiness at Oshawa occupied his attention for a time (with a brother in partnership), but this was relinquished for another occupation. He is now in the canadian express Office, Toronto.


Information from Greg Stott

Note on Wife: Hannah BOGART - shared note

Information from Greg Stott


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