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Family of Elmore Clarence DEGUERRE and Jenipher TERRY

Husband: Elmore Clarence DEGUERRE (1864-1941)
Wife: Jenipher TERRY (1866-1895)
Children: Jessie DEGUERRE (1888-1923)

Husband: Elmore Clarence DEGUERRE

Name: Elmore Clarence DEGUERRE
Sex: Male
Father: Peter DEGUERRE (1824-1906)
Mother: Clara BELFRY (1824-1907)
Birth 1864
Death 1941 (age 76-77)

Wife: Jenipher TERRY

Name: Jenipher TERRY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1866
Death 1895 (age 28-29)

Child 1: Jessie DEGUERRE

Name: Jessie DEGUERRE
Sex: Female
Birth 1888
Death 1923 (age 34-35)

Note on Husband: Elmore Clarence DEGUERRE - shared note

In 1885, his father Peter, explained that Elmore:-

"is at present an Engineer in the engine-room of the GLOBE daily paper, Toronto, Ont."


Information fromGreg Stott

Note on Wife: Jenipher TERRY - shared note

Information from Greg Stott


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