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Family of Living MACKENZIE and Minnie Warren DEGUERRE

Husband: Living MACKENZIE ( - )
Wife: Minnie Warren DEGUERRE (1965-1952)
Children: Living MACKENZIE ( - )

Husband: Living MACKENZIE

Name: Living MACKENZIE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Minnie Warren DEGUERRE

Name: Minnie Warren DEGUERRE
Sex: Female
Father: Peter DEGUERRE (1824-1906)
Mother: Clara BELFRY (1824-1907)
Birth 2 Dec 1965
Death 9 Mar 1952 (age -14 (!))

Child 1: Living MACKENZIE

Name: Living MACKENZIE
Sex: Female

Note on Wife: Minnie Warren DEGUERRE - shared note

In 1885, prior to her marriage, Minnie was described by her father as being "moderately tall, and has the indication of Sherman ancestry, with the mental motive temperament of her father; is in music practice on the piano."


Information from Greg Stott


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