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Family of Daniel DRAKE and Amanda HOPE

Husband: Daniel DRAKE (1822-aft1880)
Wife: Amanda HOPE (1831- )
Children: John G. DRAKE (1857?- )
Keturah DRAKE (1859?- )
Joseph DRAKE (1861?- )
Ulysus G. DRAKE (1864?- )
William DRAKE (1867?- )
Marriage 23 Sep 1855 Perry, Ohio, USA 1

Husband: Daniel DRAKE

Name: Daniel DRAKE 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Ralph DRAKE (1797-1872)
Mother: Catherine HUSSELTON (1796-1873)
Birth 8 Jan 1822 New Jersey 2,3
Occupation Carpenter
Death aft 1880 (age 57-58)

Wife: Amanda HOPE

Name: Amanda HOPE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 9 Jan 1831 Virginia or Ohio 1,2

Child 1: John G. DRAKE

Name: John G. DRAKE 4
Sex: Male
Birth 1857 (app) Perry, Ohio, USA 4

Child 2: Keturah DRAKE

Name: Keturah DRAKE 4
Sex: Female
Birth 1859 (app) Adair, Iowa, USA 4

Child 3: Joseph DRAKE

Name: Joseph DRAKE 5
Sex: Male
Birth 1861 (app) Adair, Iowa, USA 5

Child 4: Ulysus G. DRAKE

Name: Ulysus G. DRAKE 6
Sex: Male
Birth 1864 (app) Adair, Iowa, USA 6

Child 5: William DRAKE

Name: William DRAKE 7
Sex: Male
Birth 1867 (app) Adair, Iowa, USA 7

Note on Husband: Daniel DRAKE - shared note

Daniel was found in the 1880 Census for Clay Twp, Adair Co, Missouri

His father, Ralph, died after the 1870 Adair Co., MO Census. Brother, Andrew J. moved to Iowa, and Ralph is found buried in Delaware Co., Iowa. Daniel and family probably moved, too. They are not found in the Adair Co cemeteries. Daniel also had brothers in Wisconsin and Ohio--other possiblities for his relocation.


Daniel was deaf and dumb due to measles, according to census reports.


Daniel's father, Ralph was living with his family in 1860 and 1870 in Adair Co., Missouri.


Daniel's occupation was given as Carpenter.


Vera Morgan Knowlton found a record where Daniel Drake was listed in the Ohio Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, Sunday Creek, Perry Co., Ohio. Daniel's birth date of 8 Jan 1822 is from this record. His date of admission was 15 Nov 1841. Cause of deafness given as "unknown". Ralph Drake was named as his relative. Daniel was discharged 27 January 1847. Vera speculates that this may be where Daniel learned to be a carpenter.


Institution's records for 1829-1850 published in the Ohio Genealogical Society Report Vol 24; issue 3 (1984)


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