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Family of Ralph DRAKE and Catherine HUSSELTON

Husband: Ralph DRAKE (1797-1872)
Wife: Catherine HUSSELTON (1796-1873)
Children: Daniel DRAKE (1822-aft1880)
Reuben Golden DRAKE (1824-1888)
Andrew J. DRAKE (1826-1900)
John Mellick DRAKE (1827-1907)
Enoch DRAKE (1828-1901)
Ralph Rafe DRAKE (1830-1913)
Hannah DRAKE (1835- )
Catherine DRAKE (1837- )
Joel DRAKE (1839- )
Marriage 1822 (app) New Jersey

Husband: Ralph DRAKE

Name: Ralph DRAKE 1
Sex: Male
Father: Daniel DRAKE (1758?-1800)
Mother: Frances GOLDEN (1776?-aft1811)
Birth 8 Sep 1797 New Jersey 2,3
Burial 1872 (age 74-75) Oakland Cemetery
Death 28 Sep 1872 (age 75) Manchester, Delaware Co., Iowa

Additional Information

Burial Manchester, Delaware, IA

Wife: Catherine HUSSELTON

Name: Catherine HUSSELTON 4
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1796 New Jersey 2,5,6
Death 4 Jan 1873 (age 76-77) Infirmary--Perry County, Ohio 7

Additional Information

Death Cause: Disability

Child 1: Daniel DRAKE

Name: Daniel DRAKE 4,8
Sex: Male
Spouse: Amanda HOPE (1831- )
Birth 8 Jan 1822 New Jersey 8,9
Occupation Carpenter
Death aft 1880 (age 57-58)

Child 2: Reuben Golden DRAKE

Name: Reuben Golden DRAKE 4
Sex: Male
Spouse: Matilda Ann SANDERS (1827-1888)
Birth 27 Nov 1824 Hunterdon, New Jersey 10,11
Burial May 1888 (age 63) Sugar Grove Cemetery 12,13
Death 24 May 1888 (age 63) Kickapoo, Vernon, Wisconsin 14,15

Additional Information

Burial Kickapoo, WI

Child 3: Andrew J. DRAKE

Name: Andrew J. DRAKE 2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lucinda CLARK (1834-1902)
Birth 8 Apr 1826 Somerset, New Jersey, USA 2,16
Burial Feb 1900 (age 73) Oakland Cemetery
Death 30 Jan 1900 (age 73) Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa 16,17

Additional Information

Burial Manchester, Delaware, IA

Child 4: John Mellick DRAKE

Name: John Mellick DRAKE 18
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susanna STORTS (1833-1918)
Birth 22 Jul 1827 Pennsylvania 2,19
Burial 1907 (age 79-80) Pleasant Mound Cemetery
Death 1 Nov 1907 (age 80) Marietta, Crawford, Wisconsin 20

Additional Information

Burial Crawford, WI

Child 5: Enoch DRAKE

Name: Enoch DRAKE 21
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Mary LYONS (1830-1876)
Spouse 2: Susannah NUTTER ( -bef1907)
Birth (1) 7 Nov 1828 Pennsylvania, USA 4,16
Birth (2) 7 Nov 1828
Death 29 Dec 1901 (age 73) Crawford, Wisconsin 22,23,24
Burial 1901 (age 72-73) Christ Cemetery

Additional Information

Burial Marietta, Crawford, Wis.

Child 6: Ralph Rafe DRAKE

Name: Ralph Rafe DRAKE
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Aurilla MCDONALD (1834-1882)
Spouse 2: Mary J. OSBURN (1842-1916)
Birth 12 Mar 1830 Pennsylvania 2,4,25
Burial 1913 (age 82-83) Maplewood Cemetery
Occupation Farmer
Death 24 Jun 1913 (age 83) Monroe, Perry County, Ohio 26,27

Additional Information

Burial New Lexington, Perry Co., Ohio
Death Cause: Obstructive Jaundice

Child 7: Hannah DRAKE

Name: Hannah DRAKE 2,4
Sex: Female
Birth 1835 Perry, Ohio 2,4,13

Child 8: Catherine DRAKE

Name: Catherine DRAKE 2,4
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: George DELONG (1833?- )
Spouse 2: Benjamin SMITH (1833?- )
Birth 1837 Perry, Ohio 2,4

Child 9: Joel DRAKE

Name: Joel DRAKE 2,4
Sex: Male
Birth 1839 Perry, Ohio 2,4,13

Note on Husband: Ralph DRAKE - shared note

Ralph was living with son, Daniel Drake in Clay twp, Adair Co., Missouri in the 1860 and 1870 Adair county censuses. Records from the Oakland Cemetery in Manchester, Delaware Co., Iowa indicate that Ralph was buried there in 1872. His son, Andrew and his family were living in that location. When Ralph moved there is unknown.

Migration path: Family in New Jersey before 1827

Pennsylvania by 1827 (John Mellick gives birth place as PA)

Family is found in the 1830 Federal Census for Salem Twp,

Luzerne Co., PA

Ohio by 1835 (Hannah birth place Perry, Ohio)

Missouri by 1860. (In Adair Co., Missouri by 1860 census)

Ralph left Adair Co., MO after the 1870 Census and went to Manchester, Iowa to be with his son, Andrew J.


Catharine Drake died in Jan 1873. Her records at the infirmary at the time of her death stated that she was a widow. That would confirm that Ralph died between 1870 and 1873.

Note on Wife: Catherine HUSSELTON - shared note

Catherine was listed as "insane" in the 1850 Census for Perry County, Ohio. She is found in the 1870 Census for Perry County among residents in the Infirmary. According to the Perry County Record of Deaths for 1867-19__ , Catherine died

4 January 1873, a widow. Age was 77 years. (Ledger 1, pg 66, Register 6)


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